Circuit for multiple LEDs

Hello to all, I'm attempting to use a new nano-technological material (which is conductive) as both a resistor and as a conductor in an LED circuit (it works well as both). At the moment I have a parallel circuit with a 9v battery source and about 10-15 white LEDs..problem is only the first 3 are lighting up (at least with a decent amount of light). Do I simply need to change the circuit to a series or is there something else I can do to get an even (and bright) distribution of power through about 10-15 LEDs?? I would also rather only use a 9volt battery if I can help it. Thanks for any advice :) ~Kate

kemi (author) 9 years ago
thankyou for your comments guys. I think I may just have to redesign the layout of the circuit. This is helpful advice ;)
guyfrom7up9 years ago
well, as you get farther away from the battery then it becomes more resistive. If the battery is in the center with a ring of leds around it then it would all light up equally
that sums it up. its a bit like in model railroading; you need multiple power inputs to keep a constant voltage.