Clamps make instant tables out of any flat object

The clamps are secretly table legs. Clamp four of them onto a scrap piece of wood and PRESTO! it's a table! A great temporary solution before you put the real legs on, because who wants clamps in their living room?


Picture of Clamps make instant tables out of any flat object
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gmjhowe8 years ago
who wants clamps in their living room?

I know I do!
Convincing Rainbow Han is the hard part..
Put pick fluffy things on them? Or lasers, all girls love lasers...
  • Pink Fluffy things.
  • Face melting lasers.
No no no you have this all wrong. ""Deer Lazer Eyes""
This is sad, you're all just so wrong! First of all you wouldn't use clamps as legs permanently since what you use for clamps? Secondly it's always lasers with you, I'm telling you smokemachines is what the people really want.
kelseymh8 years ago
So they're basically pipe clamps with feet attached to the far ends. Cool idea, and a good way to "repurpose" a common shop tool. One presumes these are being sold for a few times the price of regular pipe clamps :-)
The cheaply made single hand clamps made of plastic tend to be fairly inexpensive, even the prices at the place I linked to, can be beat if one visits a discount store. And yeah, basically plastic pipe clamps, on a bar instead, and without the ability to tighten further, once closed.
gmoon kelseymh8 years ago
I have several of those--they are the cheapest (stamped metal) "one hand" clamps on the market ($3 or $4.)
Where did you find them that cheap? I used a few at habitat for humanity before and loved them, but they're always ~$20 a pop.
Looks like they're cheaper under the name "Ratchet Bar Clamp," but those are all the ones with plastic handles. I don't see any metal ones. =[
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