Class assignment on the MAKE/Instructables community

I need the Instructables/MAKE community help with a class project. "To develop a persuasive argument in response to this question: "Are virtual communities, real communities?"" I decided to pick Instructables community, being that it is mostly online, making it a plausible virtual community. This community is also very open minded and sophisticated, and have no doubt that I will get plenty of input and good arguments. I hope can accomplish this and not sidetracked by all of the cool stuff the is always on the front page. So let the posting begin! Funny note, someone in my group picked myspace under the same prompt, that is going to be funny ass to see how that pans out.

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KentsOkay9 years ago
As westfw said, we aren't exactly out slaying dragons together. But we are discussing, debating, helping, hating, and the like.
Hey, come for a visit, and we can kill chickens together!
Har har, I preffer to avoid killing my chickens, I have enough cats and coons trying to already.... I was agreeing with westfw's statement, that a true "online community" is more like a MMOG, and the one online game I play/ed was Runescape, which involved slaying a lot of dragons...
OK,..... but the offer is still on the tab.... Alright, they're in the barn.
I'll remember if I turn up for bus-raising (8 Ball says probably not). Are you saying you have dragons in your barn?
The roosters are pretty vicious, but they probably don't merit the term "dragon".
How different from our rooster... little english coach bantam... he likes to sit in my sisters' lap and watch tv....
I do love the banties.
If the eggs just weren't so small...
Oh my, wait until I tell Chicken2209 about THIS :-)
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