Classic bang gun from the old batman show

hello, im making a costume for Halloween and ive been trying to build the classic bang gun,its the gun with the red flag that pops out and it says bang.i cant wrap my mind around how to make it,either through it pops out of the gun or that it slides from the side of the pipe,i dont know im not a hands on kinda guy.can any one please help me. thank you Jager

Picture of Classic bang gun from the old batman show
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ok why not do this
get a spring loaded 9mm airsoft glock theres your spring loaded gun right there

open it up and in the gun barrel and take a look all you would need to do is set the rolled up flag and its pole in it and a stopper to keep it from flying out
i think a normal disposable pen would be the right size

but i am just spit balling it

but seeing as its way pass halloween i think i may be too late :P
if you want it to be easier to build, you can just put a bang flag inside a barrel, and spring load it... MUCH easier...
Actually, it's not. If you saw how simple the original is then you'd see.
well, i mean, it's still easier...
I don't see how it can be much simpler than the original tbh, all it is is a tube cut in half that opens out.
oh wait... i think i may have misunderstood...
yeah i like the ones that actually shoot out the flag i mean they roll out of the barrel, someone should of just copied the shoot out of the barrel idea verbatim
in exactly the same words; word for word
oh, okay.
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