Clean your keyboard in a dishwasher (video)

Nice video of a Mac keyboard in a dishwasher

Apparently it works!


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my 9 lives6 years ago
I need to do this! I have sticky keys!
Roger-X8 years ago
Goodness me! Actually, it was worth watching the video just to learn about "rinse cam".
Kiteman Roger-X8 years ago
And that was posted by Kiteman. This is another manifestation of a bug I just reported - it actually shows me (Kiteman) as being logged in at the top of the page, yet that last post came up as Roger_X.
How novel... Multiple personality disorder ONLINE
I used to have MPD, but we're all better now...
Kiteman Kiteman8 years ago
(I hope people don't think we're a troll!)
No, but it sure makes for interesting family reunions LOL
Who's we?
It's a joke - Multiple personalities? More than one person? WE.
lemonie (author)  Roger-X8 years ago
I'd be a bit worried about doing the rinse-cam, but I guess they tested it. The thing that bother me is why they went to the trouble of keeping the USB plug (alone) dry? L
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