Clear Pool Table

Not only is this pool table pretty amazing for being see-through and having the same action as a regular pool table, it's also a senior project that has been turned into a real business. Personally, I'm still a sucker for the felt and not being distracted by all the slick rails underneath. Also, at AUS $40,000 it's deep in luxury territory.

I still hem and haw about dropping a few bucks to play on a nice, clean table at a parlor and only get a few games a year in at a friend's house (thanks, Jeff!). But if you have pools full of cash, here's one for you.


Picture of Clear Pool Table
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tinker2346 years ago
hey isnt a sheet of gorilla glass on top
JustModIt7 years ago
imagine the sound it would make if a ball bounced on it.
brj12128 years ago
The G1 is the best pool table out there. This table is something I have never seen before. Crazy design. I found a bit more information and a few more pictures of it on another site. Check it out.
rachel8 years ago
"A special combination of glass and resin provide the same resistance you'd get with felt". I admit to some suspicion about this. There's a relationship between smooth and see-through. I'd love to take a look at one of these... next time I'm in Australia I guess!
palachi8 years ago
oligore8 years ago
You wouldn't be able to tear it and it wouldn't really matter if you spilt a drink on it.
Clayton H.8 years ago
Not something you would want to put in a bar..

slight mabye in a coctail bar...
Now if you could just put a massive LCD under the glass, chips in each ball, and some sort of sensor array to determine ball position, this could be even more interesting. It would make a good table for (very wealthy) beginners and (very wealthy) show-offs.
Derin8 years ago
This gave me an idea.Get a pool table without felt,paint the surface,waterproof the playing surfaces and fill it with water.
Goodhart Derin8 years ago
You need fish too, to REALLY distract the other players LOL
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