Clear resin?

Well, I've finally gotten around to wanting to make some sorta steamycyberpunk device. I'd like to at least partially encase it in some sort of clear resin, to look like glass. Does anybody know of any resin/glue/goop that I could use?

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Plasmana9 years ago
I got one! Use molten glass!
KentsOkay (author)  Plasmana9 years ago
Not a bad idea, if it could be done....
The problem is you need a furnace special type of sand, cost a lot of money, need a HUGE amounts of gas and... Its just too much, a bad idea...
KentsOkay (author)  Plasmana9 years ago
I was reckoning on recycling some jam jar glass over me barbecue pit...
Lol. I doubt it will melt, but you can try! years ago
Hi, you might do well to read this before you get started:

Modelers often use polyester resin to create water in dioramas. The link above provides some general and safety information.

I use the stuff from Michaels to make pen blanks for lathing into pen bodies.
KentsOkay (author) years ago
guyfrom7up9 years ago
you can get some at Michaels arts and crafts it's called clear resin, you also have to get the catalyst I put too much catalyst in when I use it, it cracked and was all foggy
Second, the clear resin from Michaels is good stuff. They sell little two part kits in floral and larger kits in the craft section.
KentsOkay (author)  Tool Using Animal9 years ago
Righto, thanks!
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