Clever gadget sock case idea, need advice

I just made my first instructable!!!, which is a clever little play on the quintessential "ipod"/gadget sock case...

I have an idea to make the same type of case for something possibly as large as a laptop... Unfortunately, I do not have a sock that wide, nor am i willing to knit my own sock that large.. Any ideas on what sort of available alternative I could use? (I was thinking of cutting up an old hoodie...)

Instructable here

Kiteman10 years ago
There are knitting patterns for cushion covers that might do the job. TOH has just knitted a set for the bedroom, they're sort of envelope / money bag style, with a fold-over bit to keep the insides, er, inside.
NachoMahma10 years ago
. I'd trying looking around craft shops, especially ones that specialize in knitting/crocheting, for ideas. They might even have something you can buy cheap.