Clock in a jar

Here's a cool concept made by Oren Hetzroni. It's a clock in a jar where the hands move around the inside of the glass. Reading it is a little tricky, but if you match up the big and little hands with the numbers you can figure it out.

Remaking this one is super easy. Just put the movement inside the lid and bend the hands at a right angle so they move around the side.

jar via core77

Picture of Clock in a jar
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someone has to be confused... I guess,'s me. Is a pocket watch necessary?  I didn't think it was. from my understanding of the directions. Also, would it be possible to show the inside of the lid? I'd really like to make these as gifts. Are the numbers stick on decals?
guardianguy7 years ago
Instead of pocket watch, do a small jar one that you wear as a watch... that would be awesome.
Oliveman7 years ago
I think I could make my own with just a little tinkering...
Make sure you create an I'ble when you do so!
Wasagi kelseymh7 years ago
noahw7 years ago
At only $15 on Etsy he's practically giving it away!
fungus amungus (author)  noahw7 years ago
Damn, that is cheap. And just $5 shipping from Israel? Wow.
 That's actually rather amazing, what is it delivered by vest bomb or pidgin?
Me wants!
kcls7 years ago
That is really cool!
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