Cloned animals for human consumption : what's the point ?

This evening, at the TV News, they announced that cloned animals are going to be authorized for human consumption in USA, and that the EU may also authorize that since they did not find any difference with meat from non cloned animals ...

Here is an article on New York Times :

Well, if it's safe, why not ... But what's the point about cloning them anyway ???
We breed them, there is not problem, they make baby, we eat them all ... everything works perfectly since the beginning of times ... So, what's the point ?!

Any idea ?

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monsterlego4 years ago
Well the galactic republic had no problems with breeding people for a mass army, this led to the eventual conquering of the galaxy. very beneficial to the sith.

so unless these animals are pre-programed with an order 66 then i couldn't care less
Dboye824 years ago
Whats the difference bewteen raising animals for consumtion or cloning them for consumtion. Some people on this site think it's immoral to clone for consumtion and I'm wondering what the real difference is because I dont see much of one. Either way there being slaughtered by the millions anyway. Cloned or natural were eating them lol! So you have to ask yourself the true question,is eating anothing living creature immoral? I'm just saying breading animals for eventual slaughter is almost more immoral then cloning in the sence that they live a life before they are slaughtered and eaten. Cloned animals would seem to me like a mass production senario to me where animals wouldn't have as much sence that they served a purpose. I don't really know how animals would react to this but if I were to go by simple logic and common sence I would be apt to say cloned animals wouldnt know anything other then the enviroment they where placed into so it might potentialy be less stressfull then the natural methods.
Feel free to disagree but I think cloning is the more humane and down the road most efficient approach to mass consumption on a global scale.
Kiteman Dboye824 years ago
Why would a cloned animal be any less aware of it's situation than a none-cloned animal?

No matter the origin of their genome, all animals should be treated equally humanely before consumption.

Dboye82 Kiteman4 years ago
Fact is I don't know if a cloned animal would have different charactoristics or not then a farm bread animal. My suspicion though is that they might not be as aware as the cows on the farm. If they can clone just the limbs of the animals or parts that we consume with out having to create living animals well then it's a whole new situation fact is I don't pretend to know anything this is just my raw speculation.
Kiteman Dboye824 years ago
Growing flesh is a whole different thing to cloning animals.
Dboye82 Kiteman4 years ago
jessyratfink10 years ago
Honestly, I don't really care about cloning. I am so sick of people going, "OMG! Cloned meat? That is so disgusting! I'm not buying cloned meat!" And knowing the ignorance of the average U.S. citizen, I'm sure they probably think cloning involves injecting an animal with lead from China and joints laced with formaldehyde to force the animal to give birth to a mutant baby. :| I think it would be wise to instead revise our current beef/poultry system. Cloning probably will not solve any of our current problems. I'm fine with people using it to have another prize horse or something like that, but as a primary source of food production, I just don't see the point at this time. :)
I think many people would have ethical issues with creating an animal solely for the purpose of consumption. Then there's the people saying that it's blasphemous, and that cloners are playing god, and it's more proof that scientist's are evil, souless people who are trying to bring down religion... I do have issues with consuming cloned meat. Mostly for the same reasons my family eats locally grown food. Besides that, It's very inefficient. I think there's only a 6% success rate for the animal to even be born, let alone reach maturity and provide enough vittles for the whole thing to be worth it. I think the only place we'll have to worry about cloned animal products is Mcdonalds and KFC.
I understand those reasons, and they're quite logical, but for some reason I'm afraid the average consumer is not thinking it out quite as much as you are. The majority of people I've spoken to about it or overheard talking about it are very much in the "OMG, GROSS!" category. Very confusing. :P But much like you, I really don't think this will be a widespread thing. It's expensive and risky, like you said, and I don't think the profits will be very good. I'm betting it's going to be limited to people who have prize animals and want a copy after the animal has passed.
Cloning in plants is used to preserve superior traits. I could see the same being used in animals.
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