Closed contests not being featured.

I was wondering why closed contests are no longer on the front page, since the most recent format change. Don't some f them still need members to vote for winners? I think members should be encouraged to check out the entries.

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zascecs7 years ago
Id don't think that would help too much with the voting. I'm thinking that maybe it should be that whenever a contest is open for voting, before you do anything else on the website, a pop up comes up, forcing you to vote on an i'ble.
That is just evil.
True, but its the only thing that would work...
JamesRPatrick (author)  zascecs7 years ago
I am completely and absolutely against popups.
Well then no...
Let's not forget open contests aren't featured either! Back to school and DIY wedding are both open but I see no adverts for them anywhere! You can see the contest when clicking on "contest"
Agreed, it's annoying and we definitly need more voters... To get into the finaly for the dad can do contest you had enough with 11 votes or so! That's not really normal for an ible with 12.000 views... (still happy I got in the finally anyhow though)
Kryptonite7 years ago
That's a good point, I noticed that the contest was no longer on the front page but I didn't think of voters.