Coanda effect in conjuction with Venturi effect !?

I am still working on my project to create relatively accurate model of a Repulsine.
No, I am not one of those free energy nut balls, just curious in old tech ;)

As part of my research I came across some statements in regards to lost pieces of the Repulsine.
The last remaining model still exists in Austria but noone seems to have to clue what the missing parts looked like.
I think the missing parts are a system of nozzles, diverters and a secondary hull - forming a similar system like the Coanda plane engine.

There are lots of people still out there tinkering with Coanda lifting devices and trying to get them working.
Is there anyone here doing it ???
Would like to exchange some knowledge, tipps, designs and so on.
Short term goal is to make working Coand engine with enough thrust / lift to be used at a later stage for a working Coanda plane model.
Long term goal to modify it all to incorporate into the Repulsine.

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Kiteman2 years ago

A quick search shows that YouTube is full of coanda saucers.

A similar google for repulsine engines shows that you're better off sticking with the coanda saucers...

Downunder35m (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

Had another look at those Youtube vids and have to say there is none that uses the Coanda effect to generate lift.
They all use normal helicopter blades providing the lift.
It is only the steering that is done within the coanda air stream.
I want to get the same or if possible even more lift using an impeller.
Only then we can talk about coanda lifting, well, if it works anyway ;)

I'm on my phone right now, but I'm sure I've seen coanda saucers on there... I'll check later.

Downunder35m (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

If you find one without a propeller (or two) on top let me know as I am interested how they got the lift.

I think the propeller craft are legitimate - it doesn't matter whether you use an impeller or a propeller in a shroud or short duct, the important thing is the airflow over the surface.

Having said that, here's a potentially useful page:

Downunder35m (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

There are plenty of Coanda saucer, true, but not of them is really efficient in terms of usable.
As I said it is about finding the missing pieces.
It is easy to put the turbo fan and motor from a vacuum cleaner on a slad dish - but it is quite hard to generate enough lift.
Power input vs power output for these simple mods is just too bad.

Oh, coanda is worth the effort, if only for s***s and giggles, it's the repulsine system that's a bunch of hooie.