Coffins, bedstead and idiot rescued by lifeboat.

Sometimes I wonder how we earned our reputation as a seafaring nation...

A DIY sailor had to be rescued by the Lyme Regis coastguard and lifeboat after taking to the sea in a DIY yacht consisting mainly of two coffin-sized plywood boxes and an iron bed frame.

The anonymous man had spent several days on the beach, lashing his vessel together.  It was so obviously unseaworthy that the coastguard and lifeboat crews warned him not to put to sea.

Unfortunately, he did put to sea off Charmouth.  On an out-going tide in an offshore breeze.

Within yards, onlookers had to call emergency services, and the lifeboat insisted on towing the (for want of a better word) boat back to the beach.  The captain had been unable to make headway against the breeze with his home-made oars...

I've got to wonder... how many of our own authors have been in a similar situation?

(You get all the serious news in the
Daily Mail...)

Picture of Coffins, bedstead and idiot rescued by lifeboat.
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Kynan4th7 years ago
why didnt he just be sensible and use a surfboard
PKM7 years ago
Oh, well, Dorset.  You'd never catch a Devonian doing something so silly :P

Maybe he had read the illustrious adventures here and wanted to sail to Cuba as well :)
kelseymh PKM7 years ago
"You'd never catch a Devonian doing something so silly."

What about a Silurian? Hey, Kiteman! How's that for an obscure pun?

Kiteman (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
It's only obscure to a non-Brit...

(They're being revived (recursively) for the latest incarnation)
Not to a geologist, hopefully...
Kiteman (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
Hah, hah!  I had no idea.  Really.  No idea at all.  I was punning on the Silurian/Devonian geological names.
Kiteman (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
That's what I meant about them coming back - the Dr Who Silurians brought themselves out of hibernation, and now the writers are bringing them back to the modern series (I heard).
V-Man737 PKM7 years ago
Excellent link, dude!  I didn't see it before my own comment.
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