Coil Rifle (not really a rifle, no rifling)?

so, I've been considering modifying an inexpensive muzzle loader into a coil gun with a backpack power supply.... it seems to me that this would be possible but impractical, which is perfect for an art installation... I would then take it hunting, to test its lethality. any thoughts on the idea?

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NachoMahma9 years ago
. I have to agree that it's impractical ... but it does sound like fun! . Lessee: . The smaller the caliber, the lighter the bullet, the easier to accelerate. . That's a lot of ampacity in the backpack. Insulation, insulation, insulation. Especially the cables feeding the coil. . Probably going to be a lot of heat generated by the coil. . Wouldn't the ferrous barrel "shunt" the magnetic field?
1) the power supply needs to be a capacitor bank and a battery, not one large battery or something 2)the bullet cannot have a sharp point, making it useless for hunting 3)the metal barrel would rob considerable power.
gschoppe (author)  tech-king9 years ago
I already considered the barrel issue, and would need to replace it with something non-ferrous... In terms of hunting, a round pellet from a shot gun will perforate a bird, and a 22 caliber bullet doesn't deform much at all, so I'm not sure why you imply that a point would be necessary... what I need is a high muzzle velocity and mass of projectile, with a reasonably low cross section presented to air resistance... however, a larger, pointed projectile would function better for a kill... Why couldn't I accelerate a ferrous cylinder with a pointed tip down the barrel?
what do you mean a 22 doenst deform? most of the 22s i have are hollow point, and they mushroom into bowls almost, dependant on what you hit with them. they also fragment into practically nothing.
a pointed tip deprives the gun of power. it is mass that needs to be accelerated, but cannot accelerate itself. in short, it steals momentum from the projectile. i have never hunted, so i cannot say if a point is necessary. however, adding one would lower the fps.
. Not sure I understand what you mean. If the tip is made of ferrous material, it should receive energy along with the rest of the projectile. . For hunting bullets, the point improves aerodynamics (more fps at impact point) and penetration.
id have to look up the exact saying, but the point does not receives as much power, however it still weighs something. unfortunately, the ratio of lost power to lost weight is not the same, so you end up losing power. although the aerodynamic improvement is a good counter argument. it might even be better to have a point (get it?). ill look it up; in the mean time, use a point, but be careful.
. Ah
gschoppe (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
however, the lighter the bullet, the lower the penetration and range (in air) lots of insulation will be a must, for a LARGE capacitor bank and several lead-acid batteries will be used.... I'm talking about a hiking pack filled to a maximum 100lb capacity (what I can carry long distance without killing myself)
. Ek = (mv2)/2 Need I say more?
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