Coilgun Help

Could someone please help me with a Coilgun project- I can't get a camera flash circuit of any description where I live, so could someone either post an i'ble on how to make one, or send me/post one of those technical drawings and parts list. Help would be greatly appreciated

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you might want to give a low voltage bank a try, is there a radio shack near you?
minerug (author)  TheTeslaWarrior8 years ago
There is a electrical component store I know of, but not radio shack specifically
riku1 minerug7 years ago
I would suggest buying a disposable camera or an old digital with a flash on it. If there is a walmart, wallgreens, fred myers, cosco, sams club, ect. store neer you every time u go there ask the photo department manager really really nicely they might give u one or two used ones for free!!!!!!!
hope this helps
what kind of coil gun do you want? ie 1 stage or multible stages
minerug (author)  TheTeslaWarrior8 years ago
Just a single stage one
well, will give you every thing you need

minerug (author)  TheTeslaWarrior8 years ago
Sorry, but if you read my post it clearly said "I can't get a camera flash circuit of any description where I live", the instructable you suggested requires one.
oh, i thought you said you couldget any kind of power supply. This sould get you started.

charging board (cheap!!!):

capacitors (on sale!!!!):
minerug (author)  TheTeslaWarrior8 years ago
Thank you for the links, but unfortunately the company doesn't ship to where I live now =(