Coilgun/Railgun idea

so i have been researching and thinking about this project sence the magnet contest. basicily i was thinking hey why not combine the 2 with the coilgun i would get a ton of good acceleration. then it would hit the rails and be jolted forward . it would minimize the time the round was in the rails and give them the best chance to do there job. So i would be using a ferrious round with aliminum at the rear to act as the armiture. To get better flight path out of the gun i would take a copper pipe for both the coil and the rails but for you cant have the 2 touching so ill space it with somthing like pvc. correct me if i'm wrong but i heard plating copper with silver would give a better result for rails the final keystone will be the capacitorbanks and controllers (i don't know much about microcontrollers so any help there...or anyware would be great) my idea was to stage a bank per coil and rail that way each would fire it's full load when the round got to there what do you guys think? info please. this is a new project so if anyone has the time and wants to try my idea let me know what your results turn out to be

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there may be a way, if you have the railgun as the main barrel and the coils at the beginning and middle the rail would still keep the energy and chuck it at higher velocities than the other two could alone. More than likely the Raingun side would have to be turned off and on as it reached and leaves the coils cause the railgun itself demagnetizes the projectile. so the current that powers the coils and the rail would have to alternate power to cut the draw back.
kevincai968 years ago
Two words: Won't work. Another two words: Magnetic saturation. Technically, it will work, but not efficiently. Railguns are efficient because they start with a demagnitized projectile. By running it through a coilgun, you breifly magnetize it. This is why people use pneumatic injectors in railguns instead of coilguns. BTW, pneumatics use Teflon rails.
Kurisu9259 years ago
I already built one I used only one coil for the coil gun section which was run on a separate capacitor bank than the rails capacitor bank and I simply allowed the projecitles contact between the rails to act as the switch for the rail gun portion. It worked quite well though basically the coil gun is only acting as a preaccelerator for the rail gun so its really not needed to have more than one coil.
Strong Sad11 years ago
hmmm idk but it woild take a loooooot of energy
Jack Daniels (author)  Strong Sad11 years ago
the power supply isn't the hard part it's getting the coils and the rails to trigger at the right times
shouldn't the rails be triggered by the projectile conecting them?
Jack Daniels (author)  jtobako11 years ago
yes but the timing for the coils is somthing else all together if the coils all fire at once the projectiole won't go anyware. and if they fire in the wrong order anything could happen from nothing to it firing backwards
coil timing runs from single coil (no timing issues) threw computer timing (but you have to have exactly the same projectile or be able to program for differences) to optical triggers ('windows' in the barrel that detect projectile position and adjust timing of the next coil). as long as the second stage is going to be a rail gun, maybe you could use that to your advantage and use the projectile as the conductive switch for the next coil. open contacts along the sides of the barrel, one to power source the other to the next coil, the projectile conecting the two. power requirements are going to suck, you will probably need one cap bank for each coil stage and rail section.
Jack Daniels (author)  jtobako10 years ago
i was going to go with IR detection (optical triggering) and yes i was going to have a cap bank for every stagei'm thinking 3 stage and the 4th will be the rails
use ultra voilet ,infared could be set off accidentally especially because of how much the coils heat up
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