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Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone here collected coins. My brother, and my dad, and I all collect coins as a side hobby. What coins do you collect? What types do you have, and the oldest ones? I have many books for nickels, dimes, and pennies. I just love the feeling when I can open up the book and find it full! My brother and I just bought some old Indian Head pennies, as well as some Steel Pennies from 1943. (During WWII) I have many foregin coins, as well as about 20 Susan B. Anthony's. I have about 10 Sacajawea coins, and a few Kennedy Half-Dollars. I just love the feeling of the profit that will be made in the future. Today I collected about 6 brand new 2007 Pennies, and took them out of circulation. Share your tips, tricks, and cool places to find your coins! As well as your coin collections!

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I like pennies..but don't really pursue them..i've got about 40,000 pennies, and over 30 wheat pennies. ..how much does a steel penny run?

not much

Brennn10 (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
Well coin worths are largely rotated around their "grade". Meaning their quality. If a coin is hard to read, and beat up pretty bad, the worth is less than one that is in perfect condition. One in perfect condition would be considered, "uncirculated", or "about" uncirculated. So Steel Pennies can run from 25 Cents to about 3 Dollars. Though, if you are so inclined on getting rid of them, some people will not pay too much. There are 1943 Pennies that were accidentally printed in copper. These are EXTREMELY EXTREMELY rare. Last I have read, only about 40 are in existence. They can range from 10k, to 40k, to 100k. Alot of money!
So are you saying any pennie that was the year 1943 is worth that much money or does it have to have something else? My grandfather keep a lot of coins but we dont know how there worth
Brennn10 (author)  msjones6149 years ago
There were two different types of cents minted in 1943. There was the war-time steel cents because they used the copper for the war, and there were the 1943 copper cents. The copper 1943 cents are the extremely rare cents because most copper in 1943 was used for the war. Chance are, your grandfather would have steel cents.
ok thank you do you know anything about about the buffalo nickels are they worth keeping ? I know for certain we have a lot of real silver coins are they worth investing?
Brennn10 (author)  msjones6149 years ago
In my opinion, all buffalo nickels are worth keeping. Also, silver coins are definitely a great investment, because the price of silver is going up, just as the price of gold.
I'll have to pick a few up then.
Brennn10 (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
Yea I just got a 10 Packs of the 1943-D for $6.00. It isn't that bad of a price, but I guess I bought them for the future investment. I got them at a Flea Market. This guy has a ridiculous amount of coins. I found one Buffalo Nickel from 1924 for $8.50, and another for $425.00. It just shows you how much the grade can be a price changing factor.
whoa, I read that wrong and thought you wrote another word that is spelled just like pennies (read it its funny) I collect pins from places I go, but I always use those penny flattener things cause there sweet (only if its the hand crank kind though)
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