Coke Bottle Caps

What can I make with a bunch of coke bottle caps?

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crank_girl1 year ago
You could try making an abaccus out of them. Not sure how useful it would be, but I'm sure local school teachers would like some in their classrooms.
Kevvixx8 years ago
If you've seen the new "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" movie, then you could make what the kid, Charlie, made with his dad's toothpaste caps. A Sculpture! Maybe of the Tahj Mahal or something like that.
grimfig (author)  Kevvixx8 years ago
i have but don't remember that part I'll go look it up.
=SMART=8 years ago
i know, get a drill/hole-punch/knife/solder-iron and make a small hone in the middle of the top and then thread string through. then tie off the ends of the string and you have a coke-lid snake, you could even make a head for it
grimfig (author)  =SMART=8 years ago
so a little something like this?
=SMART= grimfig8 years ago
YEA!!!!! cool did you already do that or did you read my comment and then do it ? :P You could even make a little head for it :D
=SMART= grimfig8 years ago
i have same keyboard as you :P
guyfrom7up8 years ago
melt them in a furnace? make a metal sculpture? How much is a bunch??
grimfig (author)  guyfrom7up8 years ago
Metal Sculpture???
grimfig (author)  guyfrom7up8 years ago
I think like 50+.
Doctor What8 years ago
You could put them on a skirt so that they jingle when you shimmy!
Flumpkins8 years ago
did you try Ebay? = (WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?!?) =
Brennn108 years ago
You can plug in their codes on MyCokeRewards.com and get prizes.
grimfig (author)  Brennn108 years ago
Been there, done that. They are used ones.
grimfig (author)  Brennn108 years ago
Been there, done that.