Coke or Pepsi

What pop do you like more coke or pepsi?

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 I'll go coke once in a while (let's say once in a week!). Coke and Pepsi have completely different flavors. But Coke is only the next best thing to... Corn Shake!!! (pound for pound, corn is more powerful than dynamite!)
looperted7 years ago
 In the midwest we just call it playing old Soda!!! And we have no annoying accents.
Either works for me as long as you don't forget the Rum, and Lime
snotty7 years ago
Wow great question!

A girl I was seeing once asked me if I was a Coke person or a Pepsi person. The question shocked and horrified me. Both drinks are essentially the same: water, lots of sugar, a bit of flavour, no micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals)  and a huge brand name.

I didn't rant then but I will now:

Why in the frak would I ever want to vote with my money to support these companies? They produce drinks that don't do a body good. Foods or drinks like these gradually harm our bodies. Ask anybody who knows about nutrition, or look it up yourself.

Giving my money over to their producers is a double whammy. I get a bit poorer, a pop company gets a bit richer. Multiply this pattern by billions of consumers and you have an uncomfortable situation.  My money would make them more powerful lobbyists who can influence national policy on nutrition and health as well as feed their advertising budget to brainwash me some more.

How about some healthy grape juice, anyone?

Oh crap Seagram purchased the Dole global juice business in 1995. PepsiCo acquired Tropicana, including the Dole juice business, in August 1998. In fact, when I studied marketing, we looked at how Pepsi couldn't win the cola wars so they diversified their portfolio to stay in business. Pepsi got into the food business and bought lots of companies like The Quaker Oats Company, including Gatorade, in 2001. Is this all a bad thing? Maybe, it's certainly worth thinking about.

So to your question "What pop do you like more coke or pepsi?"  I guess my answer is a cold shiver. 

Water is pretty good. Some of it is sold by the Coke company. And bottled water is another rant for another day. Or you can research it yourself.

Keep on thinking :)
bell1437 years ago
I really like coke but it's better for me to just drink water. Water makes my body cleaner that soft drinks.
luke96 (author)  bell1437 years ago
True but every ones and while I got to have a coke.
llecex7 years ago
I am from the south, coke to us means everything, sprite, pepsi, dr.pepper, etc.
anything carbonated in the south is called a coke, even sprite

"what do you want to drink?"
"a coke"
"what kind?"
"dr pepper"
luke96 (author)  thematthatter7 years ago
Thats cool up here in the north we call it pop.
Sprite is actually made BY Coca cola company :-) 
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