Cold Sores

So, this topic is directed toward all of y'all out there that have cold sores, also known as Type 1 Herpes. I'm fairly sure I just got one (my second), as I tend to get one every year, and I know the symptoms. I've read through various medical websites, and have discovered many homeopathic ways to treat the sores. Mine is still in the "tingling" stage, but it won't for long. One of the methods I have tried so far is to take an ice cube and hold it with moderate pressure to the sore, until the cube melts. Afterwards, dry your skin off and dab some alcohol on the sore to disinfect, and repeat. I believe it said that this will slow the spread of the virus. Is there any truth to that? I'll be going on a 2-day field trip on Thursday, and don't want to have to constantly worry about not touching my mouth. Plus, those of you that have gotten cold sores know that they look disgusting and hurt! Basically, I'm looking for any homeopathic (like, not including medicines) remedies for cold sores. Thanks y'all!

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So, this topic is directed toward all of y'all out there that have cold sores, also known as Type 1 Herpes.

Hang on! So if you get a cold sore, then technically you have herpes? Or is there other strains of sores you can get on your lips and around your mouth that are even worse then cold sores? I googled imaged "cold sore" and the pictures vary greatly, wikipedia was'ent terribly clear either. This has sh$t me right up this has!!ARRRGHH! *pours bleach on face* NOOO!*scrubs with wire wool*.
Bran (author)  Mr Slippy Fist9 years ago
Type 1 herpes is cold sores, which develops on the lips, and rarely inside the mouth and very rarely, on your eye (IIRC). Type 2 herpes is genital herpes, I'm sure you know what that means. The pictures differ because there are "stages" that the cold sore goes through. For the first 1-2 days, you will feel a tingling sensation and a red bump; this is when medication is most effective. In the next 2 days, the bump looks like a bad pimple, it "whiteheaded", and may start to hurt. After the "whitehead" dries up, it'll fall off and the cold sore will begin to bleed. This is the most painful stage. After it's over (a few days later), it'll heal up with no scar tissue. That's how the type 1 is, I don't know about simplex 2. Cold sores are usually contracted in colder weathers. Keys to preventing them are keep your lips moisturized (anyway you wish, I prefer petroleum jelly) and avoid hand-mouth contact without washing your hands. Cold sores, like other herpes types, will keep coming back, so don't kiss (and etc.) while you or others have the herpes when it is out - no one wants the gift that keeps giving.
CameronSS9 years ago
Homeopathic? If you honestly believe that homeopathy works, then I hereby forbid you to vote in the next election.

To those who don't know, homeopathy is a branch of "alternative medicine" (read: profit scam) in which medicines are diluted with enormous amounts of tap water. The idea is that the original substance somehow loses any bad properties, but turns the water into a super-medicine. It has absolutely no scientific backing whatsoever. So, my answer to your search for homeopathic remedies is thus: drink a tablespoon of water. That is what the "strongest" (most diluted) homeopathic medications are. For an excellent explanation, see Rebecca Watson's Skepchick page.

Now, if you really meant "non-pharmaceutical remedies," then you may vote.
Then again, the (proven!!!) placebo effect. If it works for you, great. If it doesn't, well, oh well. I
Viruses don't fall for the placebo effect. Homoeopathy tends to work for conditions that are at least partly psychosomatic in nature (have you ever met one of those semi-hippies, who have allergies and intolerances that come and go?).
Patrik Kiteman9 years ago
Oh, I think you underestimate the power of the placebo effect! Your mental state has a surprisingly large effect on the outcome of almost all health issues. Some of this is reasonably well understood - e.g. the effect of stress or endorphins on the immune system.

That's why double-blind clinical trials are the gold standard in measuring the efficacy of drugs.

Of course, deliberate use of, or even research on the placebo effect is typically prohibited due to ethical considerations: you're not allowed to just give people a sugar pill and tell them this is a miracle cure, even if the placebo effect may be the best treatment available for the patient's disease.

Unless you're a homeopath, and don't believe you're just administering a placebo - then you're ethically ok...
Goodhart Patrik9 years ago
I agree Patrik: I am surrounded by "sickies" all the time, at home, at work etc. and I rarely get sick, and have only ever had the flu once or twice in my life. Why? My healthy, carb / fat / premade dinner filled diet? Maybe it is my lack of physical movement, and extra weight that accounts for it? My doctor has seen me at least 5 the past decade, mostly for ramming things into my hand or breaking bones in falls. Am I really that healthy? Not at all, but I do attribute much of it to my "thinking positive" when I start to feel ill. I can tell myself that I do not accept this condition and will not get sick. And I very rarely do. Of course, for those that do get sick often (like my wife), I become a new age Typhoid Mary of sorts LOL I wish I could find the study done a number of years ago...a double blind study with a group of people diagnosed with a virus type cold, split into 3 parties: #1: got Vit. C suppliments, #2: got a placebo, & #3 got nothing (the control group) They found that groups number 1 & 2 got better somewhat faster then #3. So they did the test again, but THIS TIME they had a fourth group they gave placebos to and told them they were placebos....but that they seemed to help anyways. You can probably guess what they found. This group did just as well as the original groups #1 & 2. Thus, Vit C for colds is mainly a placebo, but if one believes in it enough, they can gain some benefit from them.
The problem is homeopathetic has become a catch all phrase.
axlotleft9 years ago
If you take L-lysine, an amino acid they sell over-the-counter at any drug or vitamin store, it will really slow it down or prevent it altogether. I take 1000 mg to start and then 500 mg every 6 hours or so. It has made a huge difference. There is also an incredibly expensive prescription pill you can get, and a less expensive prescription oinment. Both of them work quite well, but the lysine is cheap and effective. It is also available as an oinment at some health food stores. If you can find it, use both.
homeopathy is such nonsense. The water is supposed to have some memory of the substance diluted in it. By this theory it would imply there is a memory of the black plague in there...Now thats what i call a cold sore
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