Cold fusion experiment

I have reproduced some experiments on Cold Fusion. not as a source of energy but how to blend a wire of iron from 2mm with less than 2 ampere or obtain gas fuel from the water and graphite (coh4) without using dozens of amps.Do you think may be is interesting to do an instructabels to the matter? are not my nventions!
I have same video of this experiment on my youtube channe
Almost all in Italian language.. but with a little explanation also in English
The power supply that i use and the experiments can be dangerous.. I would not like someone to dye !

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Qcks2 years ago

If you put together a working model from scrap pieces and post up detailed instructions in how to accomplish this, i'd be interested in watching it. This sounds more like a fancy electrochemical process for making methanol though.

Still, Iron catalyzed syngas reactions are nifty, though graphite is an expensive energy source.

Kiteman Qcks2 years ago

(You do know you're on a six year old thread, talking to a member who hasn't posted for nine months?)

I think I'll ask these of all such topics: Are you able to explain how this works in general principles? At a macroscopic level? At a microscopic level? Does this invention claim to be an overunity device? Are you attempting to extract, on a sustained basis, work/energy/output from a closed system?

How is this for explenation ?

Approved Mitsubishi LENR Patent using Lithium ... just so you learn something

Patents in the U.S. and Europe do not require working models or demonstrations, nor do they require any substantive scientific support. Therefore, the granting of a patent doesn't not provide any indication of scientific merit, except in the minds of the ignorant.

I exchanged emails a few years ago with a chap who had a UK patent for a faster-than-light spacecraft. It was an aluminium sphere, covered in diodes connected in series to a small stack of 9V batteries.

His caveat was that it would only work if it was launched into space and accelerated by rockets in the absence of a gravity field.

That's awesome! Pity he couldn't use the 9V's as launch fuel :-/

He was frustrating - he was old enough to only have learned Newtonian mechanics at school, and thought you could easily reach light-speed if you just went really fast, and then lit more rockets...

Kiteman Kiteman2 years ago

(I did lay eyes on the patent, but I've forgotten his real name, and now can't find it.)

alessiof76 (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
be patient please , i will replay.
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