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I was wondering, when you collaborate with another author, when someone views your profile, does the Instructable you collaborated on show up in your Instructables as well? I've noticed this to only be true if you were the one to invite someone to collaborate, not if you were invited to collaborate. For right now, it only shows up under the "Collaborate" tab, but people don't see that when they view my profile. I also use my Instructables account as a personal portfolio so this would be helpful to know. Thanks. 

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Meglymoo871 year ago

Maybe you could do an "informal" collab...for instance both you and the person you want to collab with will do the same type of instructable, only give a shout-out or link to the other person's collab so that you can "compete" (if you're doing a challenge) or you can, at the very least, have each other's backs ;) This way will ensure BOTH of you have an instructable showing up in your own profiles. Hope this helps!

ohoilett (author)  Meglymoo871 year ago

Thank you for the reply.

Yonatan241 year ago

I don't know.

Maybe you can make it as a 2 part Instructable.

Meglymoo871 year ago

PS. sorry it's so late hahahah lol! But maybe this answer will help someone else with the same question as you :)

ohoilett (author)  Meglymoo871 year ago

It's all good. Lol. And yeah hopefully this helps someone else too.