Collaboration Launched at Web 2.0 Launch Pad

Today, we've launched the incredible new feature, collaboration! Enable other users or groups to help you work on your Instructables. Made a mistake? Don't worry, there's also now versioning, so you can rollback to an earlier version of your Instructable.

Check out the slides from my talk announcing this new feature, or check out some of the Instructables I mentioned:

3-D Scanner
Magnetic Acrylic Rubik's Cube
Dixie Cup Spherical Dodecahedron
Teddy Bear Remote Control
Dachshund wheelchair

Published Collaborations:
How to Barefoot Waterski
Chopping Hot Peppers Safely
Chicken Chile Verde

Collaborations in progress.

Picture of Collaboration Launched at Web 2.0 Launch Pad
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westfw11 years ago
Hmm. Can you "invite" collaborators on a project "in progress"? Not specifically, just a sort of "can someone who still does wirewrap take some pictures for this?" Or should you just use the existing "comments" feature and delete pre-publication discussion before final publication?
zachninme westfw11 years ago
Yes, just the ability to delete all comments before publishing would be nice :-)
ewilhelm (author)  westfw11 years ago
I think I follow you, and both things are in the works.
zachninme11 years ago
What is the reccomended way to collaborate on the collaboration? Like telling person A, "Go take pictures of steps 3, 4, 5, and 6!"
ewilhelm (author)  zachninme11 years ago
Around the shop it seems to work like this: One person does the project and another takes pictures and helps. The lead author starts the project and adds his collaborator who uploads all the pictures (since a Instructable has a shared image library between all the collaborators). Both then edit the text. There's probably about a million other ways to do it.
I meant that if you were doing long-distance collaborations...
ewilhelm (author)  zachninme11 years ago
Barefoot waterskiing is a long distance collaboration where the pictures were taken when the collaborators were together and the Instructable written and edited over the phone.
FrenchCrawler11 years ago
You get alot accomplished in such a small amount of time (considering all the feature requests and what not)... Excellent Job!!! ;)
Dr. No11 years ago
very cool
Shifman11 years ago
nice job