Collection of books taken to preserve human knowlege

What books file would you take to preserve most of the knowledge of the human race?
You have a 64 GB flash drive and durable, waterproof laptop capable of getting power from an hand crank used to view files. What would you put on it?

My list:
Wikipedia and wikimedia stuff. 10 GB
Bible and Collections of various philosophers  
Korean, Eastern philosophy and major literature
Native American culture and method information
Database of major languages, dictionary, and grammar rules
Instructables, selected ones
Some major works of literature from project Gutenberg
Songs from Beatles, Micheal Jackson, Elvis, Queen, ABBA
Selected Movies
Scientific Data, and other information vital to rebuilding society, such as designs for factories and computer chips. 
Pictures of major works of art

That's my list, what's yours?

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Arano7 years ago
i'd take in some maps with refferences of bigger citys as they are the best places to find other artifacts of human life...

I'd also get a map that shows elevation and surveyor equipment to find the dooms day vault,  your going to need those seeds,  and you may not be able to use star charts or G.P.S., and it could be under a lot of ash.   I'd be more interested in getting to those seeds than saving a shred of "human kinds legacy" ;)
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  In no particular order:
.  Physician's Desk Reference (PDR)
.  CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
.  Gray's Anatomy
.  Red Cross First Aid Manual
.  Merck Manual of Medical Information
.  Ibles in PDF and site rips
I wonder, if you converted all the ibles (not the forums or comments) into PDFs, how much memory you would need to carry them all?

How about each category or channel?

(Steps back to watch codemonkeys work out how to answer the question...)

.  Finding the total number of iBles shouldn't be difficult and you should be able to get an average size by looking at a few dozen PDFs.
I emailed Kiteman all of his once upon a time so he should be able to tell you how many mb of space his 100 or so take up
caitlinsdad7 years ago
The manual for your durable, waterproof laptop.
The warranty information and registration card for your 64 GB flash drive.
starwing123 (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
What good is warranty in an Apocalypse? Might as well being up a back up of both.
About as useful as artwork, philosophy and religious tomes.
starwing123 (author)  Tool Using Animal7 years ago
Artwork and philosophy preserves human culture, history. The only thing warranty preserves is the ability for companies to make faulty products. That's what Wikipedia is for,
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