Collections - a problem?

First off, this post is in no way targeted at any specific authors, and is just a piece of opinionated feedback. However, I will make reference to the data that I found about certain users.

I love Instructables. Specifically, I love being able to browse the recent section, to see what fantastic ideas people have come up with and shared with the world. However, I hate being confronted by a wall of 'Collections' - it really does bug me! It is not new work - yes, it can make it convenient to look at recipes that all use tofu, or DIY quadrocopter plans to compare them, but it is not new content! I don't want to be offensive, but when you make 88 collections in under 2 weeks, it comes across like you're just begging/spamming for votes and don't have anything useful to add of your own design/

I propose a filter, that would allow you to remove collections from your viewing on 'Recent', to stop them clogging up the page if you so wish - not a policy change to stop collections from appearing, but an option to do so. 

As a separate proposal, I suggest that the views for collections be disabled, to discourage spamming, and promote original content.

I'd love some feedback from others, so please do chip in. If you want, you can PM me if you have the desire for a more private conversation.


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wilgubeast4 years ago
Done. Thanks for your patience, everyone. And a special call-out to the OP for being so understanding on behalf of the folks actually tasked with putting this together.

We've already recaptured some of our rightful search rankings, and SdR and DIMMN (the interns) displaced Pinterest and Buzzfeed with content aggregated in the same place it was created. A cursory search for "DIY Bed Frames" should demonstrate some of the value behind this experiment, and that's before we've done anything other than aggregate and rename.
darman124 years ago
I've looked through this thread and am still trying to figure out the point in collections. Somehow I missed the huge flood of them, but when I do see them, it is just a bunch of Instructables which I have already seen. Is it meant to be a way to find a lot of content related to what you are searching or what?
I find collections useful for grouping my favourites. There is no other way to group them.
Short answer, "yes".

They can be used to collect and then share a group of projects on a theme, then shared with a single link.

HQ seem to use them for two reasons; to present all the winners of a contest, or to steer web searches towards the site, then ensnare browsers by presenting them with a bunch of cool stuff at once.

Other uses I can think of:

● A teacher gathering the work of a class into one place.
● An interviewee creating an online portfolio to share with potential employees.
● A collection of projects that must be followed to earn a Scout badge or in-house qualification.
● A prolific author sorting their own projects into themes.
● Creating an archive of other folks projects that you have followed.
● A blogger or journalist pulling together projects for an article.
● A commercial supplier collecting projects that use their products for publicity or advertising purposes.

I was wondering if it was an attempt to grab people who find them via a Google search. Bam! You see a bunch of cool projects and assume the rest of the site is full of them... which it is.

Thanks for the response.
You're welcome.

Also, see Wilgubeast's comment above.
Natalina4 years ago
There is a "type" filter on the explore page that allows you to choose which type of content to browse. You cannot exclude only collections, however you can look at only recent step-by-step, photos, video, and so on.
webman38024 years ago
I found at least one of the interns who is posting a lot of the collections (361 as of this writing):
388 as of today
Er... I think that's part of his job...
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