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First off, sorry I keep posting so many questions, I just keep coming up with more =)

Anyway, here's the question... When you go to a forum topic (as you can see pictured below) under each persons profile image is a small bar showing how many instructables they've published and it is color-coded. So, at what numbers do the colors change? How many color's are there?

P.S. Sorry the image isn't very clear...

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caitlinsdad6 years ago
It might have been discussed with one of rachel's site update topics but I can't find it.  Below are what I have seen but do not know the exact number where the count goes to the next tier or color.

orange 27 - 114
red 16 - 22
green 8 - 15
cyan blue 1 - 6
blank - no ibles
what happens when you hit 115?
As far as I know, any number above 27 will be orange. I know of a few members with more than 200 Instructables, and their "color bar" is orange. ;-)
k just wondering why it stopped at 114.
Do you know why it is that way? It doesn't make too much sense to me, because the number is displayed as well. Wouldn't it make more sense to colour code the views?
Dunno. Maybe they grouped it by how long a member has joined and the average number of instructables posted in that time. Color codes do not follow the order of the spectrum.
They don't even follow the soon-to-be-former terror alert codes, which I think would have been much more amusing :-)
I think it is one of the questions on the MENSA application. I didn't get past state your name.
There's too much dynamic range to color code number of views (and there's too much variation in views from one I'ble to another). Take a look at Jayefuu's forum topic, which is just a tiny sample of the members.
What would you have at 7?
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