Combustion Chamber for high voltage spark

Based on Sir9's project I am preparing to make my own version:

The plan is to create a Tesla Turbine powered by steam which is made on the plasma spark from a Tesla Coil - Presumably if Sir9 used just 110 V, the really high voltage of the Tesla Coil should give me Big effects

I am not sure about what size, shape and material I should use for the combustion chamber, and whether I can use multiple spark plugs safely.

I'm planning to use a small 220v // 2,1kV microwave oven transormer for the coil just to keep things farely safe for the beginning and a turbine made of hard disk drives (about 16 plates) sealed in a plexi-glass chamber

I have a lot more questions coming up every minute, need any help I can get - this is my first project of it's kind


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skyw4lker (author) 8 years ago
The idea would be to get cheap electricity if the higher voltage made more steama with the efficiency of the T turbine
Unfortunately you need a source of cheap electricity to generate your fuel. Unless you've got a source of cheap-fuel that doesn't require electricity?

skyw4lker (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I will be testing water and air as fuel. Air will be hard tu use bout because of the ozone that is formed on the spark and because it probably will be little efficient.

of course the turbine will be equiped with an alternator in which I would like to have 'bifilar' (not shure about the translation) coils

It's probably a dream to make it run itself but it would be nice to get up give the weel a few turns and have a couple things like a fridge running all day (presumably)

with water as fuel it simply cannot be expensive. I guess Sir didn't have to load his batteries too often if only he left town :)

Yes it is a dream - you're not going to get energy from nowhere.
Tesla played around with a lot of things and produced some cool-stuff. The popular notion that anything with his name attached to it is the best thing ever, just that no one has bothered to do much with it is a misconception. Stuff that was useful did get used, things like this device are nice theorey but it is not a power source.

skyw4lker (author)  skyw4lker8 years ago
the bigger problem is in storing the energy that I create

thought about pumping water up-hill, but how much water can you pump?

any ways that would be another post, sory
lemonie8 years ago
Why do you want to use a Tesla-coil for ignition, and why do you want to use a Tesla turbine? Do you have any plans for this thing (which you could add?)

skyw4lker (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Doing it just as general test of the effectiveness of steam production, and of course of the turbine as well.

I'm going to make the Coil anyway, but i'm interested If I will get better results

Do you have any suggestions?
Use the search (upper right) - there is good stuff on this site, use "tesla coil" and "high voltage". But I don't see any advantage over lower voltage ignition systems or other gas-turbines without seeing your design.

Use the search box top right for "tesla coil" and "high voltage" - there is some good stuff on this site.