Come Page! And Bring Thine Armor!

So a friend and I made some awesome armor... Not so much for Halloween, more so for our homecoming football game. Our mascot happens to be a Knight named Knightro (his girlfriend's name is Glycerin)....

Both of us had....
Chest/Back Plate
Shields (mine from an aluminum disk sled - covered in fabric)
Helmets (yes, made from trash cans) - with a mane
A Cape (my friend's: gold -- mine: two tone black/gold - doubles as a homemade curtain)
Lower Leggings
Beards - grown during the entire month of October
My friend's awesome stencil work :)

I additionally had (photo right)
Full leggings with functional kneecups
Knuckle covers on my gauntlets
Pauldrons with red fringe (foamie) <-- should covers
Faulds with red fringe <-- hip covers
Sword Sheath <--- a belt going through only 1 beltloop

We were a total hit at the football game! Lots of people asked to have their picture taken with us. Other than one heckler, it was awesome - no one else's attempt was knightly as ours :p Should you end up in such a situation (taking pictures and such), let the person hold your shield or sword. It makes them look more a part of the picture as opposed to some anachronism (the irony!) with a digital camera.

And yes, I know my apartment is a mess..... That's three days of working on this armor rather than doing chores :p

For how to make such a getup... Check out rachel's howto Cardboard Armor Making

More pictures after the next home game -- with updated/improved armor. Even though I allow my knees to bend - it's not quite enough to get up stairs easily :p I also want to add spaulders (upper arm covers) and a gorget (neck armor) :D

Picture of Come Page! And Bring Thine Armor!
anibioman7 years ago
mines more historically accurate but your's is still really cool
Kaiven9 years ago
WOOOOOOOW! i likey :D
nowuknowjack10 years ago
This is great! Good ideas. My son wants to make chain mail out of soda can pull tops. For some photos of real modern knights look here...
or here
The helmets are great.