Come and meet us at Maker Faire this weekend!

Maker Faire is this weekend! We'll have a booth where you can meet the Instructables staff, see some cool things we'll be bringing along and pick up something extra cool if you've published an Instructable.

If you're gonna go I'd recommend going early as it was packed last year. If you go later in the day, try taking an alternate route into the area besides taking the exit from 101 and getting stuck in the slow traffic line. Last year I took a different exit and parked in a residential area a half mile out and it was easy as compared to others who got stuck in a 2 hour wait. Also be sure to check out the Maker Faire car travel page.

So go early! See lots of cool stuff! Stop by and say hi!

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CMLion7 years ago
I'll be there! I can't wait!
sev177 years ago
looks pretty sweet. but i won't be there
Emsaid sev177 years ago
me neither :,(
fwjs28 Emsaid7 years ago
same, i live in PA...*sniffle*
fozzy13 fwjs287 years ago
Ohio *sniffle*
fwjs28 fozzy137 years ago
hi neighbor!....what part of Ohio do you live in?
fozzy13 fwjs287 years ago
I'm in a suburb of cleveland, how about yourself?
fwjs28 fozzy137 years ago
York...err i mean my cardboard box with internet access..
KentsOkay7 years ago
*patiently waits for ~~the real~~Austin Maker Faire*
*~~patiently~~ impatiently waits for Austin Maker Faire....*
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