Come to MITERS!


If you're around Boston on Friday Nights, come to MITERS, the MIT Electronic Research Society.
We have build parties every Friday from 7:30 on, at N52-115.
This week, the idea is clothes-hacking. We've got all the supplies, including conductive thread!

We're a bunch of students with a penchant for invention
Who run this complete machine shop, EE lab, and creative haven, with lots of space for large projects.

Everything goes, from motorcycles to electronic clothing, with
a good helping of logic, lasers, microcontrollers and motors.

Instructables itself came out of MITERS!
Here's our instructables group.
Here's our website.
Here's our location.

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Kiteman9 years ago
More muttering and grumbling!

Why is there nothing like this around here?

Randolfo pointed me at Dorkbot, but the London wiki is riddled with porn links, and the Manchester site has been asleep for a year.

Isn't there any similar organisation / event in the East of England? Or the UK in general?

}{itch Kiteman9 years ago
Ditto! i was just about to post almost the exact same comment, The uk most definitely needs something like this! I'm at Manchester uni and am vice chair of the electronics society and was thinking of trying to set something up, but trying to do anything through the uni involves signing forms in triplicate and then resigning them, then burying them in soft peat for a few months until they turn into compost, then growing trees in the compost and turning the trees to wood pulp and producing your own paper and drafting up more forms........repeat infinitum. and that's all without having to a damned risk assement............*grumble grumble, chunter chunter* it's such a damn shame though, there's literally hundreds of unused rooms full of unused exciting equipment we never get to lay our hands on.
stasterisk (author)  }{itch9 years ago
Hey Hitch! So, guess what? I'm coming to the UK! I'd love to check out your ERS while I'm around, if you're doing anything or having any events. What's the latest new news? Let me know!
hi! sorry for the late reply our internets is down at the moment so i'm having to scavnage it where i can. Our electronics society is a bit dead at the moment, but if you find yourself in Manchetser i'm sure i can rally the troops and we'll show you a good time!
stasterisk (author)  }{itch9 years ago
Hey Hitch! Greetings from one electronics society to another! The RPI electronics research society guys stopped by here a week ago, and we had lots of fun! I like the idea of an instructables group for all the different university electronics societies. We could make twin internet-controllable tesla coils and then remotely play modulated music from across the sea! As for events, you should totally put something on! I can tell you anything about what we do at the MIT-ERS. There's an apparent interest, and you're likely to have lots of fun. Do you really need to register your event? Do you get your own lab space? What is the Manchester Electronics Society like?
Greetings! An instructables group for all the electronics societys is a wicked idea! we could get societys all over the world to build tesla coils and have a world wide tesla symphony! Unfourtunatley we don't have any lab space at the moment, currently the society is mainly social events (trips to the curry houses and the occasional pool competition), we only took over the society at the start of the year and it was relativley new then, but we're in negotiations with companys for sponsorsip atm, so hopefully if we get some funds we'll be able to organise some events for making things. I think the hardest part will be to get students involved in actually building and making things, the course is pretty much theory, and many of the students havn't even soldered anything before coming. i've been trying to think of simple things we could do to get people started, so far come up with the idea of a "pimp my RC car" type contest where we give out a load of rc cars and people modify them, then we head over to the park for races and a bbq. What kind of things do you do/make at MIT-ERS? do you work on projects as groups or share ideas for indiviual stuff? (or both!) i take it your group is open to non-students aswell, was that much hassle to set up with the uni? (i guess it might be different over here, the unions not best pleased if we invite non students union members to join :/) anyways, fantastic to make your acquaintance! matt
Kiteman }{itch9 years ago
...producing your own paper...

At least you're in the right city. I did PapSci at UMIST, back when it was UMIST.
}{itch Kiteman9 years ago
PapSci? i googled it and all i could come up with was paper science? You weren't around Sacville street building by any chance?...good old Archimedes in his bathtub with his curious facial expression.
Kiteman }{itch9 years ago
That was me! Only seven students in my year group, and me the only one there without going through clearing, and the department (had) a building to itself because our lab equipment was so big (over the road from the Natwest bank)

I spend my first & second years at Grosvenor Place (which used to have the cheapest normal-hours bar in the city...) and my second year sharing a house in Longsight.


Oh! Up near the main building! I remember him, but he wasn't there when I was a student - I saw he'd arrived when I went back to see friends (I used to live & work south of Stockport).

That garden in the centre of campus was a crown bowling green when I was there. Very civilised way to spend an evening.

I wonder if Chris Leuty is still running the printshop in the union building.

(He led a successful campaign to have the Barnes Wallis Building renamed the Bruce Willis Building, but the university wouldn't pay for a new sign.)
}{itch Kiteman9 years ago
A couple of my friends lived in Grosvenor Place in there first year!, lol its a small world/internet! I was at whitworth park myself during my first year (£1.10 a pint in the on site bar :D), now down in falowfield. Currently am 1 of 4 people doing my specific course (computer systems engineering, i figure I've got to pass by default, it wouldn't look good for them to have a 25% failure rate) The renaming of the union has got to be one of the best things I've heard in a while!......there's deffinately potential to make a second attempt. Always thought it odd to have it named after a guy that built a bomb, considering almost every other union in the country is named after some great humanitarian (martin luther ect.) i think Bruce Willis fits the bill quite nicely considering how many times he's saved the world.
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