Coming Soon: Krylon Summer Projects Contest

Next week we'll be starting up the Krylon Summer Projects Contest. Any project that uses any Krylon product is eligible. With tons of colors and other products it's easy to use a Krylon product to finish off a project.

We'll be giving away Leatherman tools, Krylon prizes, and more. Be sure to check back next week for more info!

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Typo fungus - Top line, 'porjects' This is cool, however is this a case of it has to use that specific brand or just work with products krylon make? Also minor gripe about EL contest, I'm extremely poor!
Krylon Fusion just happens to bond REALLY nicely with PVC material (i.e. pipe)... PVC pipe is used for a lot of projects here. guess what I'm gonna do?? :) MY IDEA! claimed!
sorry, newbie here. whats krylon?
it is a brand of spray paint and they have other stuff like chalkboard paint and glow-in-the-dark paint.
Thanks - now just to figure out what a "Porject" is. :)

(Apologies to Fungus - I know it's a typo, but I just couldn't resist.)

(At least I didn't tell you the one about a "Krylon" being what you get when a Cylon feels really, really sad ;)

:-) Frak, early risers .... beat me to it. A Porject is a pork know, something government involved.... ;-)
Ah, those top secret flying porjectiles. Supersonic flying sausages.
At last! It's the long awaited return of the once and future:

Pi-i-gs I-n Spa-a-ce
A swine and da kine rest peacefully on the vine.
It's a party, you can pun if you want to.
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