Coming Soon: LED contest

Coming soon, very soon, a new LED contest.

Details to come.

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neltnerb6 years ago
Is this still happening sometime? I just put up an awesome LED based instructable and wanted to enter it =)



fungus amungus (author)  neltnerb6 years ago
It already happened! You can see it here

We do plan on doing another LED contest in the future, but probably ot for a couple months at least.
fundash6 years ago
sounds good, about to order 500 off ebay! :)
zascecs fundash6 years ago
...and that's when the contest gets canceled.
fundash zascecs6 years ago
hmmm...I don't get it... :(
zascecs fundash6 years ago
If you order 500 leds and the contest gets canceled, you'd be stuck with a whole bunch of them... just some typical bad luck... =P
fundash zascecs6 years ago
so, That doesn't mean I cant still make my instructable! :) I get ur point though. I definitely would be a bit irritated it I couldn't submit it to the contest :D
zascecs fundash6 years ago
exactly...! I tend to have things like that happen to me... hehe
janw6 years ago
Interesting................. Still have lots of those boxed away so lets see what we can make.
GWJax6 years ago
So now I know why I bought 500 Bi-Color LED's about 2 months ago for only $5 bucks... Jax
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