Coming Soon: Sew Warm Contest

Planning on sewing something together to stay warm this winter? Then get ready for our upcoming Sew Warm Contest with SINGER. We will have some excellent prizes from SINGER to give away to any excellent project that helps you fight the cold this winter. All we ask is that you involve sewing in some way.

So get your sewing machine and needles ready! More details coming soon.

As with all our contests, entries must be published during the contest. Previously published Instructables are not eligible.


Contest is live and can be seen here

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sunshiine6 years ago
I am new to instructables and missed out on the valentine's Day contest because I posted a video.  I wanted to enter the sewing contest but have to be a member to see all the rules?  I do not know the advantage of winning a pro account if I have to purchase an account to view the requirements.    Am I not understanding this correctly? 
fungus amungus (author)  sunshiine6 years ago
 You can become a member for free. Scroll down on the register page to do so.
It says to join a pro account it cost 1.99 a month billed yearly. Would you have a link to view where you are talking about? 
Bobmargie6 years ago
what's the latest news on this?
fungus amungus (author)  Bobmargie6 years ago
The contest has been up and running for a few weeks.

Sunbanks6 years ago
:( Our dog chewed up the power cord to our sewing machine. Guess I better get to hand sewing... 
Send it to me and I can resolder it if you want. Or you could do it yourself. power cords are big and easy to fix, so don't bother going to a repairman if you own a soldering gun!
Hehe I think we already threw it away. It was pretty much a 3 foot section of cord  that was chewed up into 1 inch sections. We could probably get a new plug in and whatnot, but I don't know when we'd get around to that... 
Ouch....1" sections would be a pain! Does it have a standard plug?
I think I'd rather just get a new cord than solder 1" sections together :P
It does have a standard plug. 
As long as the connector that goes into the machine was in good condition, you could have grafted a new extension cord to it.
It is, since they couldn't reach it :P And there's still a couple of feet of cord on it.
That makes it lots easier. Have fun sewing!
Goodhart6 years ago
I  can't get my wife to remove her junk from off of OUR sewing machine  grrrr....
ChrysN Goodhart6 years ago
How about hand stitching.
Goodhart ChrysN6 years ago
*chuckle*  not that I am not able to,  but put it this way,  one of these days I will have to make some time to sew in a button on my one work shirt I have :-) 
 I've been on the fence about buying a Singer embroidery capable sewing machine for about 6 months. The problem I have is the blackbox software.

The entire user experience of such a machine is dependent on the computer software that drives the machine. However, they hide this software away from you until after you buy the $1500 hardware. The software is worthless unless you buy the hardware. Why won't they let me get the software and play with it to see how awesome it is, leaving me with no choice to take the plunge and buy the machine? The only logic answer is that the software is so terribly designed that the mere sight of it would send me running to their competitor. I come to this conclusion based on how terrible the web page for the machine itself is. See it here: http://www.singerco.com/futura Try clicking "Embroidery Features". Then, when the auto scrolling flash gets too far ahead, try using the arrows to scroll backwards. Also, having to load windows up in VirtualBox just to use the machine would be pretty annoying on its own.
I have the same gripe about the competing Brother embroidery machines as I looked into them.  I think you also have to get some outrageously expensive software option to custom design your own and program the pattern into the machine.  I guess they want to make money on the proprietary CNC software.  I have not seen any freeware versions of this stuff but I'm sure it's not impossible to come up with one.  The people that do offer alternative patterns to use have to charge a lot to make their money back.
belsey6 years ago
Has anybody been having problems submitting instructables lately? Although my internet service seems to be working fine, I can't add steps, save, or do anything to my instructable either in Safari or Firefox.... I don't know if there's something wrong with my computer or the website, but it's frustrating because I'm rearing to go!
Goodhart belsey6 years ago
On occassion, I have had difficulties just typing in a post.....but a quick cache clear (shut down FF and reopen) clears that up.
I've had to cache clear sometimes too, but never on instructables. It seems to be the universal fix for internet errors in firefox!
For me, it has only started to happen since the last version release....
Kiteman6 years ago
Oh my goodness, I actually have a relevant idea on my to-do list!
 Strange, right?
It happens occasionally.

What's strange is that i actually need to make it.
fungus amungus (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Not that strange, right? Isn't it chilly over there?
I'm still waiting for it to get chilly in my area (below 22 o F or -5 o C)
ChrysN Goodhart6 years ago
It's been so mild here that they've been having to bring in snow by truck (and helicopter) for some of the Olympic venues, LOL
Goodhart ChrysN6 years ago
My wife feels it's been a cold winter....I mean, we've had some snows, but I have yet to put on anything heavier than a light jacket (only very slightly heavier than a wind breaker).
Down in the southern side of our wondrous globe it's 38 centigrade, almost enough to put the air conditioner on.
Well, weirdly enough,  I can be annoyed by the smallest little scratch area of a shirt or jacket (tactile oversensitivity) but don't mind the cold (unless the wind is blowing really hard).  My wife bought me a heavy "jacket" which I refer to as a winter coat (that I haven't yet worn this season).  :-) 
What's the temperature averaging out at about now?

I can usually take up to about 40o in the shade, or down to 5o with shorts and a t-shirt, but it takes me about a month to acclimatise to each situation.
Outside yesterday, it was (my scale)  quite warm (no jacket needed), in the low 40's, although my wife needed a light coat.    I simply sweet all the time (unless I am VERY cold).   And sometimes it's the sweeting that makes me cold  :-) 

I've known people that don't actually have sweat glands, which is surprisingly bad for controlling your body's temperature.
I would think, yes....Seems as though I ended up with their sweat glands? 
Who knows? Different people sweat from different parts of their body at different rates, it seems you got the higher end of the range?
high BP doesn't help either  *sigh*
 I was reading your post about your heat intolerance, and that was the first thing that came to my mind was your BP must be high. It will do that too you, make you sweat like you are in a sauna with just the smallest increase in ambient temperature.  You better take care of yourself.  Don't think your wife would like it if something happened to you! :))
True,  but this has been happening even before any raise in BP was detected.....and still does even though it is now under control with medication.....I don't know....it may be part of my Asperger's too.
cold in Arizona= 50 degrees
The computer room I work in stays at around 66-70 o F Some find this chilly, and I sweat if I have to move around in there much :-)
True (not so chilly as it was).

In fact, I shall go and purchase the fabrics at the weekend, as soon as I've had an answer.
 Well by the way it reads, I guess if I was to make something to keep my babies warm it would be eligible for entry right? Just because my babies have 4 legs and fur shouldn't really make any difference, they need to keep warm too! :))
i couldn't sew if my life depended on it.
Leave the suturing to professionals, but in the meantime just apply direct pressure on the wound.
now i feel stupid for not getting it!
such a fun contest. 2 problems however:
1-contest only open to Americans
2- I don't know how to post an Instructable.
Porcupinemamma has a tear in her eye :0(
Dear Dear Goodhard.  It's always a pleasure to read notes from you. Not too sure what you are talking about, I've never felt you intrude on anything.  Have a terrific weekend! :0) Cheers!  Porcupine :0)
(The orange writing is a link - try clicking it.)
As my husband likes to say, "yes dear" ;0)
I had typed in links, without looking and finding that someone else had already shown you how to do this.
1.  How do you know it's US-only?  The contest rules haven't even been posted yet!

2.  Well, better start reading!
Well......perhaps people from Ontario (you and I) will be able to enter..  That would be excellent  (in the past, Sewing contests weren't open to us.)  Just wondering.....any chance you are a Waterloo grad? :0) I have adult children the same age as you :0) cool huh?
Nope, I didn't go to U of W (though I wanted to...)
my husband is a grad from the second class in systems design engineering.  so-do you have some sewing projects in mind? I think I could come up with a couple of ideas.  It sure would be wonderful to win a sewing machine.  also thanks for the link to making an Instructable.
Yup, my wife and I might try cooking something up.  I've been encouraging her to post her first Instructable for a while now!
uh  haaaaaaaaaaa lol the two Canadians battle it out ;0) wink wink nudge nudge lol
We are experts in winter gear, after all...
I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to intrude (posts below this one), just trying to be helpful, but not wanting to be insulting either.
Yes yes yes yes yes yes. 
I has just the project. 
I hope to be something more than a finalist this time. ;)
 I will take you down, woman.
I can't tell, is that derision or a leak?


 I think that's her inner demon realizing that she has met her match, and the evil spirits are leaking out her ears, going back to the place they belong.
Anybody got any popcorn handy?

There you go Kiteman ;)

Now does anybody take bets who's gonna win? :p
Hello Kitty6 years ago
Yay! I already have mine done!

Smartie pants! ;0) lol
Randomness is that I was hoping for a contest like this because I'm almost finished with the Instructable on it!
zieak6 years ago
dang, i love a good challenge.  I have concepts ready for the other two contests lined up... I may need to figure something out for this one...
fungus amungus (author)  zieak6 years ago
I'm sure you will. We have another contest coming up that I think you'll enjoy as well. It's gonna be good.
You sure know how to make people curious Fungus...
Damn I have the best idea ever for this but I lack sewing skills...
fungus amungus (author)  MichelMoermans6 years ago
Then it's a great time to learn! The basics are pretty easy and it's a great skill to pick up.
CodySteed6 years ago
 All ready on it!!!!
Copy of bm08__75_.jpg
fungus amungus (author)  CodySteed6 years ago
Cool. Just remember to not publish until the contest starts.
Doctor What6 years ago
 Moar sewing!
 Oh wow! I can't wait to get my bobbins in :)
Sunbanks6 years ago
Eeeeexcellent.... I have a few ideas for this!