Coming Soon: Valentine's Day Contest

Next week we'll be starting a Valentine's Day Contest. Think of something sweet to make for someone else and win something sweet and chocolatey from Cocoa Puro or Socola Chocolates!

So put on your thinking caps and get into the romantic spirit!

As with all our contests, entries must be published during the contest. Previously published Instructables are not eligible.


Contest is live and can be seen here

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SirColton7 years ago
 Can't wait for tomorrow, just have to hit the "submit" button :D

Speaking of entering, how do you?
Lettucehead7 years ago
Weehoo! I think I have an idea for a great instructable...
adsandy7 years ago
 When does this contest start?
Get yourself the newsletter :)

It starts the 27th :)
Gjdj3 adsandy7 years ago
Next week.
Doctor What7 years ago
 I love this contest!
 It is going to be hard to come up with ideas though!  We already have so many!
how about a heart shaped pillow ( a decent pillo) and double it as a chocolat holder. maybe put a pocket in it or on it somewere. maybe a speaker on each side of heart that you can connect and ipod to or already set songs. To win, it has to be either really simple yet cool, or really cool and with really good pix and really good instructions. Id go for the second. its an almost 100% way to win. not that ive won any contests lol. Im guessing this one would win for sure though, now all you need is someone willing to do it and make it look good.  ;) Good luck guys!
jeff-o7 years ago
Sweet flavour, or sweet nice?

I just need to know if I should warm up my oven or my soldering iron...
 If you are baking, don't use the soldering iron.  Lead can cause cancer.
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