Coming out of the closet

Hi, my name is jake, and I am openly bisexual, and I was just thinking, there should be an instructable on "coming out of the closet" because that is a serious issue that is difficult to address, so, does anyone have any ideas?

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I dont know, but most people who were bisexual/gay in High School were just a phase.

(although after visiting Myspace and facebook, apparently so was being straight for a few of my highschool class)
jakee117 (author)  thematthatter8 years ago
 ehh. even so...anyways. i guess it all depends on the situation. like, where you're from. Im frome a rural town. and that whole prejudice thing against the gay community in some parts is bad. but idk. it all depents...
Kiteman8 years ago
I think you'll find very few people here who would be bothered by your choice of lifestyle, as long as you don't spit-roast babies or work for Microsoft.

Those who would not personally approve are mature enough not to take you to task for it.

(We even have at least one furry, somewhere.)
And what operating system do you use?

Besides. Inside every modern day person, there is a furry. Including you.
Kryptonite8 years ago
I have 3 female bisexual friends and one lesbian friend. It's not really that much of a big deal so at least you came out and said it.
DJ Radio8 years ago
First of all, why would people object to this sort of thing?  And what actually makes you bisexual?  Is it a lifestyle choice, or do you feel it is who you are no matter what?
NachoMahma8 years ago
.  See Kiteman's Laws. You may get a few rude comments, but the vast majority of Iblers couldn't care less what your orientation is. Or is there something about being bi that makes you a better/worse DIYer?
.  I can't speak for Robot, but keep in mind that Ibles is HQ'd in a city that is proud of being notoriously liberal. ;)
.  What's wrong with basing it on your own experience? Or collaborate with other "differently oriented" Iblers (I doubt if there is a one-size-fits-all solution to coming out).
jakee117 (author)  NachoMahma8 years ago
I don't really know. just some background info ;) I was just wondering if anyone else had anything to contribute. its hard to really make an instructable out of it, cause every situation is different...
How did (will?) you tell your family?  Did you call a family meeting?  Blurt it out over a meal?  Or casually mention it whilst doing the dishes together?

How did you deal with (or prepare to deal with) poor reactions?

The same goes for friends, school or work mates.

Have you changed the way you deal with people?  Do you do anything to reassure (nervous?) male friends that you're not hitting on them? 

How do you go about discovering the sexual preferences of people you meet and fancy?  How do you flirt with, or chat up another man?

All of these things would or could be useful to other people "out there", in similar situations, be it bisexual or "full-blown" gay, so would be suitable for an ible on "coming out".
jakee117 (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
hm. I kinda blurted it when my younger brother was joking around. My mom kinda stared at me. my dad cursed and was very angry. then they got over it. most people know I'm not hitting on I dont really know....just kinda talk to most people and get to know them, people are becoming more open-minded lately :).....
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