Coming soon: Flashlight speed contest!

On Monday we'll be starting a flashlight speed contest! The only rule is that a flashlight must be involved. 

More details to come! 

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farzadbayan7 years ago
kcls7 years ago
So is it a "Modify this to make it into a flashlight" type of contest or more of a "Here is this cool thing you can do with a flashlight" type of contest? Either way, sounds fun!
Goodhart kcls7 years ago
Sounds like the latter, in that he said it "must BE a flashlight"....but I don't know
edit: "a flashlight must be involved" It can be a flashlight, or have once been a flashlight, or have just become a flashlight. That's my interpretation.
Yeah, you're right; now that I think about it more, either is just as possible as the other.
Actually, it's both. If you make something into a flashlight, that would involve a flashlight (as the results) and you can also do something with a flashlight.
robomaniac kcls7 years ago
I think it is Take a flashlight and do whatever you want with it. Like the USB contest.
Gorfram7 years ago
So (just to belabor the point a bit further), can the project be one that absolutely requires the use of a flashlight as a tool, but (other than draining the batteries) does not affect the flashlight in any particular way?
For example, maybe something like "Deep Sea Spelunking"?

(Note: Anyone breathlessly awaiting my "Deep Sea Spelunking" Instructable should inhale immediately.)
ccrh20087 years ago
would anything that produces light as a primary function be the equivalent of a flashlight in this case? like a book light or an array of leds
or is it only actual flashlights