Coming soon: Hire Kiteman!

I've been threatening to do it for ages, and now I am...

I have started my own company, LightWorks Laser Projects. It's incorporated and everything! 

When I start trading for real, the core business will be laser cutting workshops: I bring my laser cutter to a venue, you bring your ideas, and together we get creative. Between workshops, I will be running commissions for select customers.

So, keep an eye out for future announcements...

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Kiteman (author) 3 years ago

So, the cutter is in, and working (hence the avatar), and I have progressed from scrap card to 3mm birch ply: my first "official" makes were door signs for the boys, and a "Get Well Soon" plaque for my mother.


Kiteman (author)  fungus amungus3 years ago


Kiteman (author) 3 years ago

Finally got the car, getting the actual laser in about a week and a half.

New Car.jpg
LightWorks3 years ago

There is even a LightWorks Instructables account!

It's still me (Kiteman), just using my corporate identity.

Kiteman (author) 3 years ago

Now there's a Facebook page...

(that link goes nowhere for me in chrome,winxp, wonky?)

Kiteman (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago

How's that?

hunter9993 years ago

Congratulations are in order! :D

robives3 years ago

Don't forget to check weight/portability!

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