Coming soon-the COMPLETE Guide to RC Cars

I am currently about halfway done with my guide (well it's really an instructable) to rc cars. I will be including anything and everything rc car related. I am hoping to help anyone who is interested in buying an rc car, upgrading the one they already have, orif you are just bored and wants some entertainment. I hope to finish soon and post it by the 4th of July.

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mberg6 years ago
im getting my savage flux soon. before i had a stampede vxl. check my youtube channel. puffmonster689
the forth of July is just about done
haha yea it was sorry about that but there is so much more that I'm putting in that i didn't think i would have to. I'm going to be away for the next three days so i'm hoping to finish it thursday otherwise i won't be able to post it until the 19th. Maybe i'll post it incomplete...idk
its the 19 so where is it? I'm adding a lot more than i planned. I will post it soon i promise.
hury up i wont to cee it!!! :)
lol ok chill dude
I'm counting
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