Commandments of Knex guns.

1. All guns shall be 6 layers or less

2. All magazine fed guns must be bolt action. I mean come on this is 2013 we've seen enough basic mag guns.

3. Removable magazines must have an internal pusher, closed top, and actually lock into the gun and not just use friction to stay in.

4. Only shoot normal rods, oodammo, or fin ammo. Connector ammo is a giant no no.

5. Big stocks are the greatest sin. A stock should be the right length and be sturdy. Do not make some piece sucking monstrosity. No it's not more comfortable.

6. Be as piece efficient as possible. Don't make the gun bigger than it has to be.

7. Use a pin guide. Always and forever.

8. No tape can be used on the gun except on the pin.

9. Avoid cut parts if possible. Your gun had better do something different or special for it to have cut parts.

10. Have an angled grip. Always.

These are in no order.  Just follow them.

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ZakS4 years ago
Bro so you run xc and track yeah? What are your PRs kid.
TheRacker (author)  ZakS4 years ago
XC last year I ran ~20 minutes, and in track I do 110 and 300 hurdles, which I got 17.34 and 46.45 respectively. Nothing amazing. But I do plan on doing well this upcoming season in hurdles, I want to break 16.5 and 43 seconds. XC I just do for fun and cardio shape. No way I'll ever be placing in that.
ZakS TheRacker4 years ago
o cool d00d i run 16:30 and 4:38 for the mile
didexo ZakS4 years ago
A 4:38 mile?
ZakS didexo4 years ago
yeah as a freshman. i got a lil slow
TheRacker (author)  ZakS4 years ago
You didn't improve from freshman year?
ZakS TheRacker4 years ago
Didn't do track my sophomore year, and broke my collar bone as a junior during track season. Hopefully this year lols.
TheRacker (author)  ZakS4 years ago
Dude that sucks. And wow 4:38 freshman year, that's faster than our schools freshman record(4:43 or so).
ZakS TheRacker4 years ago
Our freshman record is 4:35. My friend, an upcoming senior (our grade) ran 4:16 and 9:19 for the 2mile last year haha.
TheRacker (author)  ZakS4 years ago
Geez. Our 2 mile is about that too I believe. We had a senior last year almost break it, but not quite. I think it will be broken though by either this one junior who set our freshman record when he was a freshman, or a sophomore who beat said junior's freshman record. Meanwhile I'm here just doing track and XC for fun without winning anything haha.
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