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When I check my homepage, I notice that by putting my mouse over the "Youv" I get a small menu of options. One of the options is "Comments." When I have new comments, it will say "Comments (x)." I really like this feature, I find it useful, but I am having a problem where it will say "Comments (2)," but I have only one new message.

This is not a very urgent bug, nor am I sure it is even a bug, but it would be much appreciated if it could be fixed or amended in the near future. Thanks.

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sammyb9 years ago
its not a bug, but a programming error. I am guessing that you click on your name in the corner to see your comment some times am I right? well when you do that it does not register that you looked at your comments, so you could have looked at two new comments by clicking on your name. and then got a new comment and looked that the "you" and saw you had 3 new comments. do you understand?
Whaleman (author)  sammyb9 years ago
Why the hell did you just copy what dsman said? You have been flagged for spam. Shalom.
sammyb Whaleman9 years ago
I corrected all of the spelling mistakes in his comment. Shalom
Whaleman (author)  sammyb9 years ago
And why did you do this?
Whaleman (author)  KnexFreek8 years ago
Me or him, eh?
sammyb Whaleman9 years ago
I do not know, I am sorry sir
Whaleman (author)  sammyb9 years ago
It is okay.
Patrik sammyb9 years ago
Uhm... no, you didn't. There are two errors in the first three letters alone. If you're going to be pedantic, you might as well get it right. ;-)
sammyb Patrik8 years ago
Spelling not Grammar
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