Comments not working

I have the same problem as the previous user who wrote

Recently whenever I comment on a question the page "scrolls" down like I have commented, but no text shows up. Sometimes this happens with my version of Chrome (15.0.874.121 on Mac osX lion), but a page refresh usually shows the comment. I checked again once and about 4 hours later, but nothing shows up... Any help? :)

I am having this problem on a bunch of different machines. I am sad as I want to post to the contests but cannot. I cannot answer comments on my 'ibles.

Another thing is that the front page seems to not refresh either. i.e. I recieved congratulations your on the home page messages, but I don't think that I am.

I would have posted on the other users thread, but can't comment

I see your problem. and I'm passing it on to those with more power! Thank you.
Hey! Thanks for fixing the bug with the comments! Or for your role in fixing it. In either case, I really appreciate it. Hooray! I can write comments again!
astroboy9076 years ago
Random comment test (just to make sure its up)