Commercial Flywheel

I have searched high and low, but i haven't been able to find any company that manufactures battery-alternative carbon fiber flywheels for commercial use. Can anyone help me out?

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westfw10 years ago
I think they tend to be custom designed to fit in a particular application, since they tend to be "mechanical power in, mechanical power out" sort of devices, and mechanical power couplings are fussy and not standardized. They also tend to need to be mounted so as to minimize undesirable gyroscopic effects.
nuncoop (author)  westfw10 years ago
So in other words..expensive. Hmm. I want to incorporate a flywheel or two into this electric car I'm planning to build, and it would be really great if i could find a source for them. I already knew they wouldn't be cheap, but I was hoping that i would be able to obtain just the flywheel itself, and construct the magnetic bearings and housing myself.
Any reason they need to be carbon fiber?
nuncoop (author)  royalestel10 years ago
Carbon fibre allows the speeds necessary to power a car. It is also much less dangerous if a flywheel were to malfunction (it just disintegrates).
nuncoop (author) 10 years ago
Ok I found a supplier (Pentadyne) and some distributors, and the price is pretty staggering (about 44k for a top end system). However, I figure i can do without a lot of the peripherals they offer because this is going into a car. I'm not sure they will take me seriously, or even acknowledge my inquiries :P