Commercial production of your invention

Can anyone recommend resources for taking your invention/product to a commercial level, designing and having a nice finished product professionaly built?

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Patrik9 years ago
Hi unkl,

I just ran into a discussion regarding a company that used to advertise here in Instructables, offering services to turn ideas into commercial products. Sounds just like what you're looking for, so you may want to check them out. I know I've seen other companies offering similar services as well.

However, before you go that route, I think it's worth reading Eric's reality-check on these guys:

Davison and being an inventor
unklstuart (author)  Patrik9 years ago
It's a great post with a lot of valuable comments. I think I am best off building a few myself. Thanks
Best of luck with that.

I've been thinking that integrating multiple color LEDs into a single design might be useful for drawing with light. Maybe something like a fatter version of the classical 4-color Bic pen...
I need someone to do some work-for-hire electronics design...can you help ? Good money for the right person.
what did you have in mind?
unklstuart (author)  daveyandgolie9 years ago
Not me, thanks.
unklstuart (author)  Patrik9 years ago
KentKB built 3 colors into a 3 button mouse here: Sun three button RGB Light Doodler mouse}

I actually have a few promotional pens that have red, green and blue LEDs built into them which cycle through the colors with the press of one button. Here is one result

guyfrom7up9 years ago
You could use Ponoko Depends on what you mean, like custum enclosure, custom electronics, what... Commercial, like walmart would carry it? Can you be a tiny bit more specif
unklstuart (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
Specifically these light pens I designed. I would like to keep the cost down too. Ponoko looks interesting and easy.

well, again, what do you mean by commerical, like big thing, billions manufactured? OR just hundreds that you sell on a website or ebay or something? To make it simple you could make an automatic tube cutter, and stuff. I'm actually looking into mass producing some of my inventions this summer when my cnc machine is done. (I'm about 70% done)
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