Community Contest - Toy Rods and Connectors 2014: Prizes!

Hello everybody, 

This is just a forum topic for you all to show off your prizes that you won in the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest of 2014. 

I got my prize yesterday evening, so I thought it would be awesome to share it with the Instructables Community. I also won in the Toy building Blocks Contest, so I guess one photo is of the prize I won there.

Feel free to send me your pics, whenever you get the prize, so that I can upload it to this forum topic.
I hope we get a contest every year!

Pic 1 & 2: me!

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Hey guys! I won a runner up prize in the contest so I won a box of k'nex and an instructables prize pack which came with a small t-shirt (I ordered a small) a patch and three stickers ( which are displayed in a lovely display case which you can find instructions for here ). My package actually arrived in New York only a week after winners were announced! I also posted the parts list for the box of k'nex ( it came with string and two rubber bands!) I hope you guys liked it and I can't wait for another k'nex contest!

JonnyBGood3 years ago

So apparently a box from San Francisco goes to India faster than Indiana, but I got mine yesterday. Thanks instructibles for another great rods and connectors contest! Pictures soon as I get my shirt customized.

akshat21045 (author)  JonnyBGood3 years ago

LOL, I guess they didn't use priority shipping while shipping in the US. I'll be waiting for them pictures.

Gosh dang it, I just took my shirt to the shop yesterday, I'll get it back in a week. I'm get to my user name put on the back of it, just like my last one.

Mine came about a week ago to New York. I can't post a picture right now but I will try to get one up tomorrow!

didexo3 years ago

I received my prize recently as well. Thank you Instrucables!

akshat21045 (author)  didexo3 years ago

Please send a photo or two! I'd love to see what you got!

I'll try to get some up! I already opened it haha
Kiteman3 years ago

What, you've not built the coaster yet?


akshat21045 (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

No, not yet. Unfortunately, I have an exam on Monday, so I have to study for that. I'll work on it from Monday, and hope to complete it too!

I'll make sure to upload some pics when I'm done.