Competition: Put-ewilhelms-head-on-a-book/cd/dvd/video-etc-cover-competition

This is my competition to put ewilhelms head on a media cover. See the example below. Entries must all be in by the 28th Feb, and voting finishes on 30th April. The winner will get a mention and all of their instructables, forum topics and groups will receive a 5 star rating as a prize. This is my entry. Post your entries in the comments!

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The Jamalam (author) 8 years ago
You mean and voting didn't finish on 30th April and you want more entries? L
The Jamalam (author) 8 years ago
voting deadlines finished people, keep em coming!
Here I made another one with Troy. Not as good.
Rockerx9 years ago
Heres one of mine!
Ewihelm starring in JAWS 2.jpg
The Jamalam (author)  Rockerx9 years ago
lol at em all, i will put em up now!
Late and not a movie or book cover but.....
ible eric1.JPG
The Jamalam (author)  heavy.metal.nguyen9 years ago
Rockerx9 years ago
My Name's Chucky Wanna Play?
childs-play-movie-poster eric.jpg
Rockerx9 years ago
hulk...this is fun :)
incredible_hulk Eric.jpg
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