Competition! (maybe, if we get prizes)

Ok, with haloween, Bonfire night(british and christmas coming up i would like to organise a competition.
But, not sure what to do for a prize.
As im not legaly an adult, it limits some things for me.
And as i am British, and the majority of people on instructables are America it limits more things as i cannot be botherd shipping things, and wopuldnt have a clue how.

Any Ideas on prizes?
Only thing i can think of is front page of my site?

If the competition does go ahead, it will work like this (suggestions, please post below) :

All entry's must be submitted to this group by 25th November 2006 and added to this group, they must be marked with a * in the title to show it is and entry. It must be a gun of some sort, a firearm. Firing 6mm airsoft pellets

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Camster911 (author) 11 years ago
Britain For the Win
i am so sorry!!! i am an absolute disgrace i still havent finished my shotgun!!!
camster could you please extend the deadline please i have nearly finished my shotgun but need a bit more time
Sure, new deadline ...whenever you've all finished. say, christmas?
super!!! thanks a billion Camster that is great!!!! britain FTW
Camster911 (author) 11 years ago
Britain FTW!
i will be delving in to the depths of my armoury to get inspiration because i am british tooo yeah!!!!! thanks Camster911
Camster911 (author) 11 years ago
Yeah, but this one is only for Guns, the best gun made will win
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