Computer Freeze-up

i keep getting freeze-ups on my computer and i don't know why, I'm usually only opening only one application at a time. i have a 2.0 ghz processor ( maybe it cant handle that many processes), 2GB of ram(maybe its not fast enough), or it might be something i downloaded. PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE OUT WHATS WRONG!

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lemonie8 years ago
Three finger it and see what processes are running - and you can do this before it freezes. In the absence of more information - could you give us a bit more? Have you /has anyone else overclocked this, when did this start and did this follow doing anything to the machine? What happens if you start in "Safe" mode? What does the BIOS health check tell you Are you overloading your PSU? etc Give us some more to work with eh? L
Punkguyta8 years ago
You're down to three options:

  • Heat issue as Nacho noted
  • You need to reinstall windows
  • Your cpu is burnt, get a new one.
Here's a great Instructable that can help a lot. There are 15 different ways that you can speed up the computer. (link on bottom)

2 GB of Ram should be plenty, I would look into the processor a little more.

I would try this out first, it could save you a bundle if everything goes back to normal.

Several Easy Steps to Boost Your Computer's Speed
You know, a 2 GHz processor is more than I have. If i can run development tools and web-browser in a 500 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM, that wouldn't be a problem. It could be from something you downloaded. NachoMahma ( down ) is also right. Do what he suggests. What OS do you run? What happens when you open apps? Switch to Linux, or Mac. If you get a Mac, a Mac Mini will surpass your current PC in almost every way. That is meant as info, not an advertisement.
tinkerC tinkerC8 years ago
Could you answer my questions please?
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
re-install windows
110100101108 years ago
heat (NachoMahma) bad power supply / capacitors software trouble (LinuxH4x0r) ram malfunctions
Chicken22099 years ago
go through the easys first for example, does your disk need to be defraged? are you running up memory usage? is your computer on? you know basics
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Possilby a heat-related problem. Check that all vents are open and that the fans are running.
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Get an antivirus. Then get a mac or install linux.