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This thread will be designed for anybody who has any computer issues. I love to help people work out the kinks in their computers, software, hardware and anything else. I am constantly on this site (at least 20 times a day, except when I am sleeping of course!) so you won't have to worry about a slow response. Anyone can give answers, I am just here to be the beginning helper. Ask Away! -Brennn10

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TOCO7 years ago
I am running dual boot ubuntu/xp on my personal laptop. On a desktop I am using only ubuntu 10.4. I want to run exe files in ubuntu but everytime that I try wine on any version of ubuntu it doesnt work. It isnt a big deal but I would like to take the desktop running around 2.5ghz to LAN parties instead of my laptop running around 1.4ghz. I have also tried playonlinux but it just installs wine and helps me install games that are newer and I have cd's for. I want to run unreal tournament 1999 goty. Does any one have any solution?
fretmelter10 years ago
hmmmm ok srry let me explain more ok i have this password recovery tool and its an .exe file. So i want to run it in linux. Slax linux to be more exact There is a program called "wine" and it is supposed to let you run windows apps in linux. But they didnt have a version compatible with mine so it didnt work I hope that helped a little.
A Windows password recovery tool will be useless in Linux even if you were able to run it. The reason is that Linux/UNIX use entirely different password schemes than Windows, stores them in a different location and are not easily decoded, as the Windows password is. If you forget your password in a Linux/UNIX account, your only option is to replace the old password and say goodbye to any password encoded files. This is also why it's so difficult to hack into a Linux or UNIX system.
I found the following audio stream in QuickTime from the LastHope conference on Advanced Memory Forensics ( including the Unix / Linux / Mac machines )

This is a MUST listen to, if you feel SAFE with a Mac, Linux or any machine
Brennn10 (author) 10 years ago
Anyway, does anyone have any computer issues? I will be more than happy to help you out with them.
hey im working on a project and a red glowing and smoke is coming from the side of my computer should i save and shut down or keep working?
. This is a good thing. . Smoke has a tendency to build up in electronic components and needs to be vented periodically. Most ppl don't go to the trouble of venting the smoke and consequently their computers start to slow down. This is usually blamed on virii and other assorted malware, but it's really the built up smoke. Do NOT breathe the smoke - it contains excess "holes" from the semiconductors. . Think of the red glow as a second "power on" indicator. If you can increase the current through the part that is glowing, you can change the color to orange, yellow, or even white.
ll.1310 years ago
I run Pardus Linux with True Combat:Elite installed on it. However if i try taking a screenshot in-game (F11) I am told it will be in the same place as on Windows, the installation directory, this is not so. My installation directory is /usr/local/games/enemy-territory (it is an ET mod) with symbolic link @ /usr/local/bin which is default on S.U. install, I have tried running the game as S.U. but it still doesn't work. :/ Thank you.
HamO ll.1310 years ago
I'm not familiar with Pardus Linux, can you press the "Print Screen" key and the screen being copied to the paste buffer to get a screen shot?
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