Computer Reuse in Minneapolis

Anyone in the Minneapolis area doing cool things with computer reuse or know of anyone who does? Any leads would be appreciate.

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Myself and my business associates are quite active in the open source community in Minneapolis (and, I guess, nationwide/worldwide) because we have truly committed to the spirit of open source and would like to find a way to bring some semblance of integrity and honor back into the computing world.

We are a *very* small organization, but we recycle and collect as many systems as possible. We use a wide variety of software ranging from Ubuntu to OpenBSD to Mac OS X and have been pleased with the abilities we're given to interoperate between all those various systems through programs like OpenVPN, Audacity, Firefox, the GIMP, et cetera.

We are unfortunately not at the stage of business financially to be able to provide much back to the community in terms of support or refurbished Linux systems, but that is in the long-term game plan for us, (or at least, for me personally.)

If you'd like to talk more with me about our initiatives in open source and finding new ways to breath new life into "obsolete" systems, send me a private message or respond to this comment.


- dragonfly_blue

p.s. We've been in business in Minneapolis since 1998, so we have a bit of a track record that hopefully will serve us well...
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No. Looking for someone in that area to talk to and possibly meet with a reporter who is interested in the subject.
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