Computer mouse inside cloth...

a while back i saw a "how to" about a mouse that is inside a sock kinda thing, and you rotate it inside this fabic to use it....i cant remember what its called or even if it was here that i saw it but im pretty sure that it thinking maybe its called something like a soap mouse or something but i dont really know.... someone here has to know what im talking about...... please and thanks Liquor

frollard9 years ago
You're looking for 'soap' mouse, and its really simple, just take a tiny mouse, gut it, and put it inside a clear travel soap container, then sew it inside a sock. the motions of you swishing it around will activate the mouse. the container you put it in has to be flexible to allow you to still click the buttons.
LiquorBox (author) 9 years ago

sorry to keep posting....but i found this video....
wow i realllllly want one of these but i know if i try ill mess up and be out the cash i spend on it....
LiquorBox (author) 9 years ago
can i buy this somewhere? i want one for my laptop so bad! but i know it would have to be a modded wireless mouse with a usb plug in thing.
LiquorBox (author) 9 years ago
aha! i found it!
it is called "Soap"
but i would still like the instructable if anyone can find it please..